Article 1: Booking
It is recommended to anyone wishing to stay at the Hotel NOVA book in advance and obtain the consent of the landlord. On the occasion of any reservation the customer will pay a deposit or credit card number. The hotel contract is deemed concluded as soon as the agreement between the parties. Reservations made on our site through Room on line are effective after the flow of the reservation fee. In case of rejection Hotel NOVA may cancel this booking.

Article 2: rebooking and Commitment
In case of changes or cancellations, any client is required to prevent 48 hours. The client fail to warn on time above, he shall pay as if he was staying. Any rental started is due in full.
The arrival delays or early departures may in no circumstances give rise to a refund.

Article 3:
Anyone wishing to stay at the Hotel NOVA is required to know their identity and that of those that accompany it.

Article 4: Opening Hours

NOVA Hotel welcomes you weekdays from 7 am to 23h, Saturday from 8 am to 23h and Sunday and holidays from 8am to 11am and from 19h to 23h.

Article 5:
The client can be introduced into the House of third persons unknown by the hotel unless authorized by it. Similarly, the client can rent a room for a number of people greater than that provided by the regulations. Pets are not allowed.

Article 6: Payment
The housing benefit is payable on or before the day of departure. For long-term rentals, the notes shall be paid every week.
We accept the following credit cards: Visa, Eurocard-Mastercard, American Express. It is also possible to pay by, holiday check or cash.
Pursuant to Article 2102 of the Civil Code, the customer can not oppose the retention of luggage if he refuses to pay.
A credit card number will be payable as collateral.

Article 7: tourist tax
The tourist tax included in the price of the reservation is in force in the municipality. It is payable locally. 2015 Amount: € 0.85 per person per night.

Article 8: access to rooms
Upon arrival, unless approved by the hotelier, the client may not require to occupy the room before 14 hours. Rent overnight stops at 11am, whatever the client’s arrival time. A luggage storage service allows customers to place their luggage at the reception of the Hotel

Article 9: key management and access badges night
The key to the room must remain constantly in the establishment and be deposited on the table in the lobby. It is strictly forbidden to take it with anyone. Night access badge against remain in your possession until the day of departure. The loss of a badge is charged 10 €, the loss of a key will be charged 50 €

Article 10: Departure
At the time of his departure, the customer must provide the key to his room and night access badge at the reception. It is forbidden to carry any object is owned by the Hotel NOVA: he must notify the landlord if it discovers a misunderstanding and return, otherwise it will be invoiced.

Article 11: compliance of other guests
The noise even daytime is prohibited. The client causing disorder or scandal in any form whatsoever, may be returned on the spot. In the interest of the peace of the institution, must stop any noise from 22 pm and 7 am.

Article 12: Responsibilities
Children are the sole responsibility of the customer.

Article 13: prohibitions
For reasons of safety and respect for everyone, it is forbidden to smoke in the hotel. Pursuant to Decree No. 2006-1386 of 15 November 2006 laying down the conditions of application of the ban on smoking in places used for collective use, smoking in the hotel NOVA exposes you to additional charges 70 € or prosecution. Any unnecessary sounding of the fire alarm for breach of this provision will be charged € 150 for return to service costs of the fire safety system.
Similarly, it is forbidden to cook in the bedrooms, there have meals or make not supplied by the hotel drinks, as well as to do his laundry.

Article 14: degradation
The customer must use the rented as a good father. In case of problems, the customer will incur civil liability. In case of damage, the hotel reserves the right to charge the customer for the repair or replacement cost. It is the same for any infringement after the departure of the client where the amount of compensation will be charged to the customer’s card.

Article 15: claim
Any complaint about the quality of the services provided must be presented at the hotel on the spot.

Article 16: forgotten Business
The left or abandoned objects, can be sold as provided by the law of 31 March 1896. If the client requests the referral of business per package or letter, if it will be obligatory with tracking and insurance for valuables . The shipment will be made after payment by the customer shipping costs.

Article 17: Acceptance of Regulation
The Rules of Procedure of the hotel applies to all bookings. Any stay involves the acceptance of specific conditions and rules of procedure of the Hotel Nova. Non-compliance of the above provisions result in the immediate termination of the contract.